Monday, January 28

Film: Django Unchained Click for more info

I wouldn't say I'm a Tarantino fan. I mean, sure, I really like many (most? all?) of his films, and I love how he manages to keep his audience on his toes too. I just don't think he's Amazing with a capital A.

That said I did think Django was pretty brilliant. As was the case with Kill Bill, the beauty was in its simplicity - there was no ambiguity here, we all knew who the good and bad guys were, what everyone wanted and how they were going to get it. The acting was solid, the dialogue sublime and I even appreciated the soundtrack.

The whole movie was so easy to watch, it was easy to forget how long you were sitting there for - this despite the many opportunities there were to end the film early.


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  1. Anonymous10:56

    My favourite scene was the one with the bag heads, it was hilarious!