Wednesday, January 9

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How to pick a husband if you want to have kids

Yes yes, I know I promised never to post articles like these any more - and to be fair there have been at least ten of Penelope's articles that I've forced myself not to link to lest I be mistakenly taken for a misogynist brute who has nothing but criticism for his fellow sisters. And anyway, with women like Penelope saying the same thing in a much better way (read: with a woman's voice) I don't really need to.

But I just had to refer to one of her most recent posts, since it's such a big theme in my own interactions with women (read: rishta - please excuse the euphemism this one time). Now don't get me wrong - I've said it before and I'll say it again: I am fully and unequivocally behind the right of a woman to choose what they want from life, perhaps even more so than that of a man. It's just that my need of a certain type of wife stems from who I happen to be; and I certainly hope that who I happen to be fulfils the needs of the certain type of wife I marry. There are no universal answers here.

However there is also a need for a lot of people (women, men and yes possibly even me) to be aware of who they are and what they want. Now it's easy to dismiss Penelope as loon who applies theoretical statistics to the incompatible science of relationships, but (at the most) anecdotally and (at the very least) in terms of fairness and justice and simply what makes sense, I would say there's a bit of weight in what she says.

Perhaps once we acknowledge that we can't have it all, we might actually realise that we don't actually want it anyway?

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