Tuesday, January 1

Food: Taste of Pakistan Click for more info

I have to say, the gall of naming a Pakistani restaurant "Taste of Pakistan" alone is pretty compelling. Only a place with culinary balls would go there, so before even entering we knew this place would either be great, or bad. The fact that it was packed (enough for the mere two of us to be almost turned away) said a lot.

But I'm glad we finally got to sit down. The premise here is pretty straightforward - a basic menu, generous portions and good food all add up to a solid experience and there aren't many gimmicks here.

Well okay there might be - but it is a good one. The flagship item on the menu has to be the Chapli Kabab deal, with three of the plate sized slabs being served with a hanging naan, all for a tenner. If we had known better we would have stopped there, but we also ordered the Chicken Karahi for the sake of variety. A jug of Mango Lassi rounded the meal up.

The meal came to around a tenner a head, but as I say we did overorder a little. As for a recommendation? Well I now know where I'll be grabbing dinner every time I'm early for an airport run - heck I might start heading out early just so I have an excuse to eat there again.

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