Sunday, January 6

Film: Wreck-It Ralph Click for more info

There's not much to say here that you won't already know about this movie. Blah blah Disney, yada yada feel-good, great animation, lots of laughs - even the 3D was pretty stunning. We had the staple and solid plot, clear good and bad guys (despite the premise of the film) and the same rush of emotion and tears toward the end. So yes, standard. It was recommend before I even watched it really.

BUT! The sheer level of fan-service and videogame trivia/porn in this film elevates Wreck-It Ralph well above all those other awesome animations. The way they were included and brought together, some playing more of a part than others, gave an indication of just how much care went into avoiding tramping on all the memories the parents of the audience (because let's face it, who else is going to recognise Q*bert?). It was pretty amazing to see.

For most people this will be a great film. For those who grew up in the 80's and 90's playing videogames, this will be something far better.

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