Friday, February 1

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How to pick a wife if you want to have kids

Purely for completion of course. You can read my thoughts on Penelope's corresponding post here, and what I said then still applies to the above too.


  1. Anonymous00:18

    Just think of it like this: when you finally find her, you'll appreciate her more for all the hardship you've gone through.

    She's a blessing. And only Allah (swt) can increase your blessings....if you're grateful and thankful to Him (swt). You know all this.

  2. Anonymous01:30

    What kind of hardships? Just sounds like he's over-fussy. And when we tend to get things we've been waiting a long time for, human nature is inevitably just to start taking it for granted. I think his marriage will be like anyone else's. He'll just have wasted more time gearing up for it rather than experiencing it.