Monday, February 4

Film: Race 2

Ah Race. A good five years after the first film and we actually get given a sequel. Is it really possible to build on the "should be bad but is rather good" character of the previous instalment?

Well it seems so and in exactly the same way. We still have the ludicrous premise, the hammy acting and awful, awful special effects. And we still have irrelevant distractions, the half naked guys and enough twists to make the guys behind us in the cinema want to discuss it out loud during the show.

But then we also have the comedy, the tripping plot, the half naked chicks (Deepika yay!) and the fun - oh my the fun - all proving that a film can be way more charming than the sum of it's bad parts. And that's all that's important in Bollywood really. So yes, even though it makes me feel oh so dirty doing so, Race 2 gets a cheerful recommendation from me.

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