Sunday, November 18

Vietnam-Cambodia, Day Two: Are We There Yet?

For reasons that will become apparent later, we decided to start our time in Vietnam in Hoi An. This was the least efficient place to start, geographically being right in the middle of our itinerary. But we were forced to start here, for reasons that will become apparent a bit later in the week.

After picking up our visas at Hanoi airport (a handy tip for those unsure or unaware about the visa on entry arrangements Vietnam has), we took our flight to Danang, en route to Hoi An - the third leg in our journey so far. As such we entered pretty late into town. Oh and it was raining too. Not a great start.

But still, we made the most of it, heading to Morning Glory to have our first of many holiday meals. We immediately blew our food budget of $5 per head, but it was worth it after onerous journey we had just completed.

By the end of dinner, around 11pm, everything was dead. It seems that tomorrow we would start proper.

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