Saturday, November 3

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"Hoity toity" were the exact words used when I told my friends I was going for dinner at the Waldorf. And they were right - I've been to a fair few fancy places in the past few years but this place lies somewhere near the top of that list. So straight away, yes, the service, d├ęcor and ambience were all pretty much flawless and worth the ticket entry alone.

There were twenty two of us there as a party, split evenly across two round tables. This of course essentially meant that there were two dinners tonight - I would probably stick to eleven maximum if you were thinking of doing something similar. But regardless of the logistics everyone had a fabulous time (some even choosing to take their place cards home as a memento. Aw).

If it's taking me a while to get to the food that's because... well it was the only thing that managed to disappoint. As is typical with these things, we were on the set menu and I had chosen the carrot and broccoli soup (a standard pick now), the chicken dish for main and ginger cake for dessert. All were above average, but in a place like this "above average" isn't quite good enough. The special non alcoholic cocktail made for us was very nice though.

After splitting some sides, the final bill came to a clean £30 per head most of which seemed to go towards the service rather than the food. But still it was worth it for the experience and company, but if all you are is hungry then I can think of a fair few places on that posh list of mine you'd be better off visiting instead.

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