Tuesday, November 27

Vietnam-Cambodia, Day Eleven: Sihanoukville

Another day in Cambodia and another early start. Having been so productive the day before we decided to go for broke and add a whole new destination on our itinerary; and since we had yet to get some serious beach action (with the brief moment in An Bang still teasing in our memories), we blindly set off to the beachtown resort of Sihanoukville, on the southern coast of Cambodia.

I say blindly because we didn't really know how we were to get there. Despite conflicting information on the Internet (once again proving that nothing beats local information) we did find that there was direct flights from Seam Reap to Sihanoukville that would, in theory, save us bags of time. The bad news was that flights were only scheduled for three days a week. For those who want to do Cambodia under time constraints it might be worth planning for this.

So our best option was to fly to Phnom Penh as originally planned and then figure out transport to take us the remaining 4 hours it would take by road. Organising the car to Sihanoukville wasn't as onerous as we thought it would be but despite our logistical luck we got into town way too late to do anything but find a place to stay and organise the next part of the journey for tomorrow.

Since we were stuck in the hedonistic backpacker's dream, we stuck to a quick walk on the beach (full of bars and, surprisingly, fireworks) and then just hid in a bar with live music, burgers and pool. It was actually quite wonderful and I lapped it all up. We definitely hadn't done enough of this stuff during this holiday, so being forced to slow our pace was actually quite a welcome turn of events. Photos here.

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