Tuesday, November 20

Vietnam-Cambodia, Day Four: Tailors and Beaches

Since we were leaving today, we made a point of having an early start. We didn't have a plan per se, but I've long since realised that, with the right inclination, you can always find something to do while on holiday.

And such was the case this morning. We headed for the river, hoping for some kind if a quick boat ride. We eventually picked a motor boat over the long tail, the promise of checking out an island way too alluring to ignore. To cut a long story short it was a bit of a bust and we should have indeed chosen paddle power instead.

By mid morning we were back on shore and headed to the tailors for what we thought would be our final alterations. Turns out that this whole bespoke business really isn't suited to those on a tight schedule - my coat felt pretty wrong and of poor workmanship, and it took longer than we wanted to sort out.

So far not a great turn of events for the day. Desperate to salvage something from our final day in Hoi An, we took a cab to An Bang, an awesome beach, especially as it was something we hadn't even heard of before arriving in Hoi An. Photos here.

It was a definite bonus and we eventually stayed much longer than we should have. Racing back to Hoi An, we were late for our final-final alteration session (which took 30 minutes), which in turn made us late for our flight; luckily it turns out that Vietnamese check in desks expect latecomers and ours was still open less than 30 minutes before we were due to take off, although we were the last to check in.

All in all we had spent six or so hours at the tailors. Although what they had come up with was pretty impressive, I have to say that I'm not sure if the experience was worth the stress. What I don't have a doubt of is that it was an experience.

We were welcomed with some great weather as we landed in Hanoi. Our hotel is pretty cool too (despite the glass-walled toilet). Dinner was around the corner at Highway 4, another indulgence but again worth it as we enjoyed catfish rolls amongst other things. Unfortunately the locust was out of stock.

Even though I've not yet seen the day, I'm really enjoying Hanoi so far.

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