Wednesday, November 28

Vietnam-Cambodia, Day Twelve: Koh Rong

Despite having a brilliant evening last night Sihanoukville was always just a logistical pitstop. Our real destination lay a few miles away across the sea on an island called Koh Rong.

We left the hotel early to catch a choppy boat to the island. After stopping off to register at the diving centre at the main port of Tui Beach we got back on the boat to dive proper. I have to admit that it wasn't too great, but it was nice to get back under the water again after my dive in Santorini.

Back at Tui Beach, we had to wait a while longer for another, much smaller, boat to taxi us around to the western coast of the island - as we were unable to secure a place on the Tui Beach end we were forced to travel the extra distance. It was dark by the time we landed - and when I say landed I mean "wade across" since boats don't actually come to shore in such a remote place.

After the amazing Ile Aux Nattes in Madagascar I seemed to have acclimatised pretty well to beach living and in many ways I was (suitcase notwithstanding) prepared for and looking forward to the experience to come; my companions on the other hand seemed a little in shock as we clambered our way to our cabins across the jungle in the dark - someone asked about electricity a few times and I think even air-conditioning was mentioned more than once.

Still, we all seemed in much better spirits once we had a bucket bath each. And even then I was sure that things would be much better for all of us once we saw the place in daylight.

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