Monday, July 9

Santorini, Day Two: Grilled Squid

Since there's quite a few of us friends in the villa things like being served a shared breakfast are scheduled, and since most of the friends have kids this means early starts. This is a good thing; it gets way too hot mid day so at least there'll be a chance to get stuff done in the mornings while it's still cool.

After lunch a few of us went to the main village of Fira. Compared to Oia where we are staying, Fira was much more commercial and rushed... yet not really compared to most other places.

It was in Fira that we met a Afghan Muslim guy. He told us about Islam on the island (there isn't much), but we left him with a loose plan to offer Jummah on Friday together.

After returning to the villa, we hit the pool. It seems that the pool will feature a lot on this trip. Dinner was had on a high roof terrace overlooking sunset - apparently one of the most famous in the world (although I didn't see the fuss myself).

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