Monday, July 16

Film: The Amazing Spider-Man Click for more info

You know you're old when you go to the cinema to watch a reboot of a reboot.

But it goes without saying that The Amazing Spider-Man looked good. There was swooshing and swinging and great action and fight scenes. I'd say that there wasn't quite enough of these things, although the film did follow a brisk pace so I guess there wasn't much room for any more without it becoming a little over saturated.

Overall though, there was something a little... two bit about this incarnation of Spiderman. It was almost Dawson's Creekish in fact, with the focus being on "the journey" and personal relationships rather than comic book shallowness and action. This change of direction laboured the film I thought and so made it a bit less enjoyable than the Toby McGuire version we loved from a decade ago (a decade ago!).

But it was enjoyable all the same so it gets a mild recommendation from me.

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