Wednesday, July 11

Santorini, Day Four: We Are Sailing

We met more Muslims on our morning walk today. Again they were hawking stuff on the street, but they were friendly and open to conversation which was nice. It seems that Greek Austerity is hitting everyone in the region.

Today we actually had something to do as we booked a private boat to take us around the island. That said it was pretty uneventful (with the captain making a spectacular effort in telling us how there isn't much to do with a boat in Santorini) and there weren't many sights to see - even the snorkelling was pretty quiet, and once more I realised that Santorini was more about doing nothing than something.

And that was the point - a great bunch of friends on their own boat having a laugh and diving into the (kind of) open sea. Lunch was awesome too, as was my second viewing of Santorini's sunset.

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