Saturday, July 14

Santorini, Day Seven: Kissing Fish

Our last day was pretty much as all the others, however in the morning we did decide to visit the local fish therapy spa. For those of you who haven't tried, this is a weird set up where you sit with your feet in a tank of fish which nibble/suck at your feet. After the initial ick factor, for me it felt like sitting in a pool of bubbles and it was actually quite relaxing and maybe even cleansing.

Lunch was in Amoudi Bay, which I decided to walk to instead of taking a taxi. We got to pick the fresh fish we eventually ate, and after a hearty meal I took some time to explore the bay proper. I found a little alcove where people were enjoying the water, complete with some classic 25 feet high jumping into water action - if it wasn't our last day I would have loved to have come back with my trunks.

The afternoon was spent chilling by the pool - poignant seeing as it was to be our last time doing so. Dinner was had indoors, after which we rounded off the day and holiday as a whole with a friendly game of Scrabble.

Good times.

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