Thursday, July 12

Santorini, Day Five: Diving

The second item on my sparse agenda for this trip was to get a few dives in. I had no idea if Santorini had any decent diving sites, but since I got my licence last year I've made it a point to dive when I can. Which hasn't been since last year.

The two dives I did this morning were very similar - not much life but lots of interesting rock (and I don't mean that as sarcastically as it sounds). I even managed to swim through a cave which was fun. Apparently there are two shipwrecks on the island, but we weren't due to visit them today. Bummer. On the plus side I did borrow a friend's underwater camera so have some pretty decent video of the two dives.

On the bus back to Oia I made friends with a random person, which whom I also had lunch. Once again, it seems Santorini is more about people and relationships than the island itself, but it's all good; I'm sure we'll remain committed Facebook friends for years to come (and I don't mean that as sarcastically as it sounds).

And of course the rest of the day... we just chilled by the pool.

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  1. Shaks,

    I am SO jealous! Was wondering why I haven't heard from you for a while. Please upload pictures unless ur bluffing..