Thursday, March 10

Shak's Choice: Emma Singh Click for more info

Despite the evidence to the contrary, I'm not a shallow person. Okay sure, I do like pretty people, but I most certainly don't think it's the be all and end all or the only quality of a person that gives them value or spark; for example I talk more about attitude and personality than I do looks on this blog. And when I do pick someone to become Shak's Choice, it's always a decision based on more than just looks: I do also dig a little deeper and talk about personality and stuff, even if that's only of a character. I most certainly haven't ever picked, I dunno, a straight up model or anyone.

Until today. Quite shamefully, I know nothing about Emma Singh apart from how she looks:

First seen on GV's medley video, she's so pretty that I actually find myself not caring about what she's like. How awful is that? I'm sure she's nice though, and apparently she's doing a degree of some sort... Erm. And that's all I can say about Emma.

Anyway, excuse me while I go jump off a cliff now in shame. Totally worth it.


  1. Anonymous11:29

    "jump off a cliff"? is that a eupehmism? Will you be tossing yourself over the cliff?

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  3. Anonymous22:59

    Browsing online and came across your blog. I'm Emma Singh :) Thanks for dedicating this to me. Join my fanpage and you might see a glimpse of my personality ;)