Wednesday, March 30

Game: Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth Click for more info

Despite the name and new protagonist, make no mistake: this is the fifth in what is most certainly my favourite series on the GBA/DS and most definitely up there in my top ten somewhere.

Which makes this review really easy to write. Still the same is the evidence based contradiction mechanic, sometimes working and sometimes making you tear your hair out in frustration (although that said, I found this the easiest to figure out so far).

So let's focus instead on the differences. The main one, of course, is that you no longer play a defense lawyer, instead controlling his arch-nemesis-but-not-really, Miles Edgeworth. Although this affects plot more than gameplay (despite not being in a courtroom you still get to press-present) it's really important since plot and story is part of what makes these games so awesome.

The other differences have, as was the case in the previous games, been brought in to literally add something new. So now you can walk around an environment in third person, you can use logic to link existing fact to create new ones, and you can deduce contradictions while in first person explore mode. Although complicated at first they show themselves up to be pretty straightforward mechanics and not at all as obtrusive as they sound.

But ultimately none of this really matters - it's the story and charm of the game which once again makes this so, so good. Recommended just like the other four were, and I'm ecstatic that there's another chapter still to come.