Thursday, March 24

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See? This.

It's not because I'm hating on ugly guys for being able to pull and I certainly don't think it's unfair or anything. Good on the two of them if it did work out. But what if it doesn't? Think of the fall out: the guy might (and when I say "might" I mean "will") leave, and all other men will now be spoiled for the poor chick. So no Mr Good Looking, you're NOT doing the girl a favour by being with her.

And that right there is why dating is Bad.


  1. I'd say a really good-looking guy with an average-looking girl is the exception. But there are loads of average looking guys with extremely pretty girls which makes most guys only go after very pretty girls.

    So this applies more to women than men.

    And while men are shallow looks wise, women are shallow when it comes to money. They can look past the looks for that.
    Generally speaking.

  2. BB,

    Most women are biased observers, so I'm not surprised you think that.

  3. Kylie14:16

    Yeah, average girl and good-looking guy is rare. And he does always leave. It sucks.