Saturday, March 5

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Unlike some of the other exhibitions I've had the chance to visit over the past few years, the British Museum's current one on Afghanistan is different in the way it spans not just centuries, but millennia. This in itself places it apart in terms of the variety of themes and artefacts, but the show also does a good job of stating the importance of the region both over time and geography.

Paradoxically though I didn't really have much trouble visualising Afghanistan over the ages covered. Whether it was due to the excellent condition in which the items displayed were in, or the possibly overuse of visual aids (reconstructions and CGI), it was easy to see how life was in the area during its various stages of war and development.

In some ways this collection was richer than the Book of the Dead one being held in the room below it, and that despite being much smaller. So Crossroads of the Ancient World is definitely something worth visiting, particularly if you feel you have links to the region.

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