Saturday, March 5

Food: Roka Click for more info

I was impressed with Roka before I even sat down. From the breezy and roomy, yet intimate, atmosphere to the clean lines of the place, I knew I was in for a treat. And I wasn't wrong.

We each went for the set menu, which at £22 was deceptively expensive but proved to be quite the bargain considering the amount and quality of the food we received. From the sushi to the deep friend tofu, everything was spot on... and I'm salivating actually thinking about it.

Even though the service on the ground was above average, it was disappointing considering the food served and aesthetics of the place. We had obvious mistakes like incorrect orders being fulfilled and food being taken away before we were done with it. Still, I must give top marks to our server who took time to talk me through my order and ensured all my dishes were alcohol free.

After drinks (but no dessert) and a couple dishes a la carte, the bill was pushed to a healthy £35 quid per head; definitely top end stuff, but in my view just about worth it. Recommended if you want to treat yourself.

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