Wednesday, October 13

Shak's Choice: Sandeesh Samra

Sure she was always going to be an obvious pick, but even I'm surprised at how quickly I've become a fan of Sandeesh. We've not even seen much of her yet.

As with all the Apprentice girls, she's smart, sassy and has tons of class. Oh and of course she could end up with a six-figure job. Cha ching. And she started in the place most the hotties are found: in retail.

Okay, I admit that I have less of a business case for Sandeesh than I had for Ghazal and Sara when they made Shak's Choice, but based on what little we have seen I'm sure she'll do us proud when her first featured episode airs. Not that she's made it here solely on her looks or anything, but oh my: those eyes.

On a technical note I may have somehow scored a high enough pagerank to place this post on the front page of a Google search on her name. My last two Asian-Apprentice-Girl-related-posts were both read by their respective Asian-Apprentice-Girls, each time before I had the pleasure to meet them in person. In short, if you do happen to read this Sandeesh, well, then I look forward to congratulating you on your success in person. That's the power of Shak's Choice.

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