Saturday, October 9

Film: The Town Click for more info

I don't like Ben Affleck. I think he's a prat. He seems to only write and direct films that make him look good, which then makes him a bigger prat. The Town is one such film, and seems created just for Ben to get a shag, be an anti-hero, pout a bit and then reform. Like I said: prat.

Putting aside my deep hatred for Ben, we're left with an okayish crime thriller. Nothing unusual happens in this story about a bunch of bank robbers (they rob banks), with the film choosing to be character rather than plot-driven. This proves to be a bit of a mistake since it's actually the action bits which prove to be the best parts, with the romance angle and serious acting kinda superfluous to it all.

So yes. Wait for the DVD and forward all the quiet bits and you'll be sure to enjoy it.

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