Saturday, October 2

Film: Back to the Future Click for more info

Listing your most favourite film ever is a recurring debate amongst friends. And where others always name a classic - Das Boot, Star Wars, The Godfather, Schindlers and Shawshanks - I've always considered Back to the Future to be mine, although I would only have admitted to this relatively recently; for some reason it never seemed as epic as the other options presented.

But I finally realised that, for me, BTTF was more than just a film. It was more a marker in my memory of a childhood I loved. From the freebie BTTF paraphernalia found in my Shreddies (which totally worked - I've had Shreddies for breakfast ever since), to watching a preview of the film on breakfast television, to going to watch movies with my dad and brother.

But aside from personal reasons to love the film, it was also a throwback to a period of time when films were fun to watch. It wasn't just the Spielberg touch, although he did have a lot to do with it. Heroes, romance, action, coolness, fun were what these films were about. Watching BTTF was when I first realised that science was cool, that it's okay and even cool to think about weird stuff like time travel and paradoxes.

Which is why I was almost dumbstruck when I saw the poster for the impending re-release of BTTF. I didn't care about digital remastering; this was the chance to watch one of my most loved films on the big screen. Although we've definitely watched the last two on the big screen, I can't quite remember if we went to watch the original, but either way I knew I had to watch it.

I never thought I'd be writing about the film here. It also makes it difficult to review with any kind of objectivity, so I probably won't bother too much. The acting is wonderful, the script fabulous (I often quote the film), the plot magnificent, the direction amazing and even the score is brilliant (walking down streets, I still randomly hum it while imagining myself on a skateboard). The lessons taught and the morals presented are all spot on.

Watching it on the big screen didn't uncover the new details I expected the experience to. There were a few new nuances I hadn't picked up before, but nothing more than what usually happens during a rewatch. I still fancy the original Wells' Jennifer (well as much as Shue anyway), Marty is still my hero (I want to skateboard and play the guitar too!) and the whole Lorraine fancying her kid still messes with my head. And yes, I still cheered when George takes out Biff. I still fantasize about meeting my future missus like that (yes, yes, I know I'd probably get a broken nose instead).

I was grinning throughout and merely recommending this would be doing it an injustice.


  1. Lea Thompson over Claudia Wells or Elizabeth Shue!

  2. Fo sho, but see my comments regarding the whole mum-son thing. I loved her in Caroline though.

  3. And anyone who says that Shawshank Redemption is their favourite film, well that's when I stop listening to their thoughts on movies! Das Boot, eh? Very interesting choice, although then comes the question of which version?

  4. I have no idea. I usually faze out during this conversations.