Friday, October 22

Food: Needoo Grill Click for more info

Poor Maedah Grill. There's not much doubt over it's role as where people go if they can't get into Tayyab's. Not that the food was that of anyone's second choice, but nevertheless I suspect a lot of its business came from the overflow. Which was fine... Unless of course what you really wanted was Tayyab's.

Which is why Needoo's is so important. I'm not sure of the particulars of its history (apparently it's run by an ex-partner) but this place is essentially a clone of Tayyab's and offers an almost identical menu at an almost identical price (a mixed grill, four curries and a jug of Mango Lassi cost a tenner a head). It's essentially extra capacity for Tayyab's.

Decor is slightly under par when compared to the other two places, but who cares about that? The food is just as good as Tayyab's, the service is much better and best of all: you don't have to queue up for over an hour on a Friday night to get a table. In that sense I don't see any reason whatsoever to even aim for Tayyab's any more, since Needoo's offers the exact same thing without the increasing level of pretentiousness that has come with the former's popularity.