Sunday, October 31

Food: Souk Restaurant Click for more info

Moroccan food again? Seems that's all us Muslims eat nowadays. Frankly there's only so much couscous and tagine a guy can eat. Still, an overload of the same kind of food shouldn't in itself reduce how good or bad it is. Unfortunately that at Souk wasn't all that.

But let's start with the positives first. Decor and atmosphere were pretty good - we (fifty or so) were downstairs for a birthday do, were relatively comfortable and serviced well, and for some reason I paid much more attention to the music (it seems I can't keep still when there's a beat around any more).

Price-wise we were treated quite well; our host had negotiated 50% off the a la carte menu, and with drinks we paid a good £12 per head, much of that for food we didn't manage to finish. For today at least, this place had value.

But ultimately we go to a restaurant to eat, and on that count Souk kinda failed. The food just wasn't special enough. I'll admit that due to the communal vibe of the night we didn't really get to order precisely what we wanted to and I'm sure the fact that we were there in numbers didn't help much either... But for whatever reason I wasn't impressed.

Perhaps going as a private individual in a smaller party would allow me to gain a better idea of what this place is like, but for now I'm unfortunately struggling to recommend the place.


  1. almost went there last week with the Mrs - we ended up at a crappy indonesian place on shaftesbury aveue.

    what decent moroccan places do you know? one of the few cuisines I've not really tried properly in London

  2. Toureg in Leytonstone isn't sexy, but is decent.