Saturday, September 11

Shak's Choice: Malaika Arora

Just two words really: Munni Badnaam.

It's just a crying shame that she's married to a Khan, and another example of how crazy this world can be.

As an aside, can you believe it's been ten months since my last Choice? I must be getting old.


  1. This hardly beats your last Choice. Flip through that FHM again and find something better. You can do it.

  2. I though she was no longer married to aforementioned Khan? Or are they merely separated?

  3. Zuhayra,

    There's no room for hate on my blog :(


    No idea. Even so... ew.

  4. The Xoob04:55

    She's your female doppelganger, I swear.

  5. Uh. I'll take that as a compliment. I think.

  6. Welcome to August.

  7. I was going to credit you actually... But I didn't post the video so no.

  8. Room for opinion? No?

  9. Zuhayra,

    >This hardly beats your last Choice.

    This is opinion.

    >Flip through that FHM again and find something better. You can do it.

    This is hate.


  10. Shak,

    Goodness forbid you ever piss me off :P that's not me being hateful. I promise.

    I may just have strong feelings on the matter. There are so many gorgeous women in the world yet the unimaginative masses want to drool over 40-something botoxed Angelina Jolie? I liked her when she was an underground heroine. Boykind needs a colouring-in book and a new pack of crayons.

    No, that's not hateful. That's opinion.

  11. I absolutely agree. In fact, I drool over at least five women each day on the commute who are far hotter than anyone I've posted about here. However as much as you would like me to recognise them in the same way, I'm not sure I'd get away with obtaining pictures of them to post on my blog – it's not socially acceptable apparently (crazy, I know) plus unlike Malaika, Angelina et al I don't think these women would want me doing so - for some reason they don't like to solely be acknowledged based on their looks (and say what you will of me, I do always respect the wish of a woman no matter how pretty they are). I do go on about them on Twitter if you want to follow me on that?

    >No, that's not hateful. That's opinion.

    Okay, so how about this? In my OPINION, women who talk like you do about "boykind" are hating. Win win I think. And people say I don't know how to compromise...