Saturday, September 18

Film: Devil Click for more info

I don't get M. Night Shyamalan. I mean I do understand his films (and that usually before the half way mark), I just don't get how he's become such a big brand. I don't think his films are bad, just not that great. I certainly don't think that The Sixth Sense's ending was the best thing to ever happen in film. Perhaps if his stuff wasn't all so long and dry I'd have a different opinion.

Anyway, Devil. I guess it's already quite clear what I think about this one - it's the same old Shyamalan, although perhaps one that is mercifully short this time around. Everything else is pretty derivative, from the acting to the plot, although I did feel a bit cheated by the unsubstantiated twist; although a lack of guess-ability is usually a good thing, it's not when it's random and as a result of an arbitrary event. But anyway.

Not bad, but not great, I guess I can mildly recommend Devil for those with nothing else better to do.

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