Sunday, September 12

Film: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Click for more info

In many ways Scott Pilgrim is a couple of years too late - geek has been cool for a good while now. Still, that doesn't quite stop Scott Pilgrim to be a fair homage to pop culture (videogames in particular), and we do end up with a half decent movie as a result. I especially loved the No More Heroes references. I really must go back to that game at some point.

Yes there is a love story in there somewhere and perhaps even some moral lesson, but really this film is only about the specials and the imagery, the fan service and the geeky dialogue. That said, I reckon the film was more accessible than it could have been.

Michael Cera was brilliant as usual, this time flanked by a equally cool cast. Mary Elizabeth Winstead did well as the sassy yet down to Earth Ramona. Still I can't help but feel that Scott pilgrim wasn't as totally awesome as it could have been; it's nearly there, but desperately missing that extra something to have made it a venerable classic. Still as it stands I heartily give it a recommendation.

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