Thursday, September 9

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WARNING: Sankaku Complex may be a little rude for some.

Top 10 Types of Guy You’d Like to Date

So it seems that (Japanese) women mainly like Carnivorous guys and "would like to be hunted down and ravaged like lambs". And people keep telling me that stalking is a bad thing, when now it's obvious that women love the attention provided it's from someone they find attractive first. Which probably doesn't really help me after all.

Anyway, here's that chart in full:

  1. Carnivorous guys (5124 votes) (the opposite of a herbivorous man)
  2. Sporty guys (2398 votes)
  3. Bespectacled guys (1627 votes)
  4. Herbivorous guys (1377 votes) [a detailed description can be found here]
  5. “Iku-men” (1217 votes) [men who take an active and equal interest in childcare - the "iku" is a pun on the character for "rearing," "育" or "iku," and the long established slang "ikemen," meaning a handsome man]
  6. Science guys (1176 votes)
  7. Sweet-tooth guys (977 votes) [men with an enthusiastic liking for sweet things]
  8. Bento guys (968 votes)
  9. Other guys (913 votes)
  10. Otaku guys (381 votes)
Thanks to Steve for the link.

Oh and it may be worth checking out Top 10 Traits That’d Turn You Off a Girl too, although once again I'm going to have to WARN YOU of some possibly offensive images. To save you that embarrassment, again, here's the chart in full:
  1. She can’t cook
  2. She’s has a sharp tongue
  3. She’s timid
  4. She’s restrictive
  5. She’s loose with her time
  6. She’s negative
  7. She’s forgetful
  8. She’s bothersome
  9. She’s got bad dress sense
  10. She’s a miser
I guess I should be heading to Japan then.

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  1. Anonymous21:01

    Are the offensive images the misplaced apostrophes?