Wednesday, September 22

Fall Season 2010

Is it sad that I'm more excited about the return of television than any long-lost friend? Having said that I seem to be less enthused about my serials now than I have been in past years. What's ironic is that I fully expect it to be my main source of entertainment once I'm married and having babies, so perhaps I should just archive everything for that?

But I digress. What's certain is that, yes, it's September and that means the return of the US television schedule. As usual, let's start with a review of the year gone by - a lot has happened actually.

First up, I'm still mourning the loss of the two great heavyweights of Lost and 24. Probably my most anticipated shows in recent times, I do think that the loss of both is one of the reasons why I'm not that hot about television this year. Also fallen by the wayside is Little Mosque, a show that was never the same past its Season 3. It was a crime to replace Magee. Still-born this year were 10 Things, Flash Forward (as they got axed) and V (as it was rubbish).

In place of all this loss is a whole bunch of sitcoms, most of which I've not even begun to catch up on. The full list includes Gavin & Stacey (which I did watch some of), Parks and Recreation (Aziz Ansari FTW), Modern Family ("Why the face?"), The Inbetweeners, Community, 30 Rock and Cougar Town. Phew. Oh, and I also intend on catching up on Scrubs at some point. And in terms of regular drama there is, of course, Glee, which although mediocre otherwise is a must see for the song and dance.

Which leaves us with the regulars. Both One Tree Hill and Smallville refuse to die, although we have been told that it really is the final season of the latter (I may throw a party if so). Doctor Who is weird post-Tennant. Family Guy is, believe it or not, becoming a little boring and staid. House is surprisingly enough pretty much the best show I watch now. Overall though, I've quite confident that I'll actually be able to watch all my shows on time this year. How refreshing.

So there you have it. 2010 seems to be the year I transition from engaging drama to not so distracting sitcom. Is this something that reflects a deeper change regarding a change in my own priorities? Don't be absurd; after all it's only television we're talking about here.


  1. Anonymous09:21

    Did you watch Grandma's House on BBC2 recently? You might still be able to catch it on iplayer. You'll like it if you're a fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Plus it's set in Ilford!

  2. Xoob20:29

    I'm a little disturbed that Dexter didn't make the list. It's an excellent show.

  3. I droped out of House around Season 3. I just didn't have the time. I might go back to it.

    Community is brilliant. The second half of Season 1 was inspired in parts.

    Modern Family I love, the mom is umm awesome..

    30 Rock is still fun but I think it's past it's sell by date but I will still catch it.

  4. Mash, you've single-handedly filled my schedule with sitcoms. Hope you're happy.

  5. and I forgot about P&R I totally love that show.

  6. I was just gonna email you to tell you to watch Outsourced, and then I saw your blog. Outsourced also a sitcom, with a lot of potential. Don't bother with Cougar Town. It's sexist, dumb and whiny. Community is brilliant. And, start watching Dexter!

  7. Hmm. Outsourced seems to have gotten panned so far, plus I really hate the premise of it (we had a similar show here called Mumbai Calling).

    And fine, I'll watch Dexter.

  8. No mention of Greys Anatomy? -gasp- ....I quit watching One Tree Hill after the 4rth season or something...o.o...its gotten lame I hear. Also you're the only blogger I know who's mentioned the InBetweeners...omg..!

  9. Roshni,

    Check 2006/07 for those mentions (if you're lazy let's just say I think it's poop). I agree that OTH is lame, but I need to see it through (see: Smallville).

  10. fugstar15:12


  11. Fugstar,

    I've been recommended Weeds by others, but it just looks pants. Maybe next year.

  12. I'm looking forward to Treme and Boardwalk Empire this year