Wednesday, July 14

Pakistan Vs Australia, First Test, Second Day

Seeing as it was my last week to doss, I thought it was worthy to spend a whole day at Lord's to watch Pakistan play in the second day of their first test against Australia. This was actually a Pakistani home match, not that you would have known; apart from a small vocal crowd at the nursery end there were no indications of a real Pakistani following at the pitch.

Just as well really - my regret at missing some quality Pakistani bowling was quickly forgotten as Australia bowled them out before the end of the second session. This didn't seem to bother Afridi, who scored a deceptively useful 30 odd off half the number of balls. Still, at least I got to see both sides being played, and the clutch of wickets Pakistan took before time ran out at 7pm were exciting to have seen, if a bit sparse.

The rain came and went, but not enough to ruin the day. It was actually all rather pleasant, and once again I was surprised at how much fun I could have at a single day of a test match.

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  1. Did you take pictures of whoever was fielding your end?