Sunday, July 25

Film: Toy Story 3 Click for more info

Essentially all Toy Story movies are the same - a bunch of lost toys get lost and spend the rest of the film in a struggle to find their way back home. The reason why the makers have stuck to this formula is because it works on so many levels - you have the excuse for Mission Impossible shenanigans, you have the metaphor of losing and finding yourself, and then you have the underlying message about loyalty, family and friendship.

And that's exactly what is brought by this, the third instalment of the franchise where modern animated storytelling first started. Of course, it's all magnified by the finality of the situation Woody et al find themselves in, but that just adds to the involvement and emotion of the whole affair. Everything is multiplied by at least five this time around (I didn't cry, dammit) and unlike other second-sequels, Toy Story 3 manages to be a fitting end to the legacy it leverages.

Absolutely recommended.


  1. YAY! You finally watched it!

  2. p.s. How much did you love the scene where Woody escapes from the daycare washroom?!