Saturday, July 17

Film: Shrek Forever After Click for more info

After my disappointment with Shrek The Third, I was happy to come out of the fourth (and final?) instalment feeling much better about the franchise. To be honest I still think the series is being rinsed more than anything else, but at least this time around it managed to provide some entertainment along the way.

I guess the biggest problem with the film is how its context is. It seems that Shrek himself unlearns all the lessons he was taught in the first three films, only to set himself up for yet another load of coming-of-age discovery. This patronisation of the audience is only forgiven once you laugh and cry at the story as it unfolds.

So I guess that's the key here; to consider this not of epic proportions as the first (and possibly the second) film was, but as an entertaining timepass it certainly hits the spot. Eddie Murphy's Donkey was especially on top form.

We chose to skip 3D this time around - a first for us and personally I didn't miss it at all. The swooping scenes were still swooping, but without the eyestrain. Otherwise the film looked and sounded great.

A recommended fun-filled romp.

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