Tuesday, July 20

Back To The Grind

After a whopping two and a half years, I am now back in gainful employment. Yes it sucks that I'm starting a new job just as the summer holidays kick in, moreso that after spending two Ramadhans at home, I'll imminently be doing the whole work-and-fasting thing with the rest of you. But alas there comes a point where reality hits, especially in the credibility stakes.

Not to labour a point about ambition and career focus, it sometimes feels that I'm the only one who feels that work is quite the distraction in life, that it's a job that stagnates the mind, not unemployment. I like to think that's only because I've not found (or feel I have the freedom to find) something I love doing which also pays. That said, I am making a concerted effort to embrace my new job as something I like doing too - I've even promised myself not to use Messenger at work. Crazy stuff. Oh and for those of you who were looking forward to an increase in content (amusingly my activity on this blog decreased as I left employment), I can confirm that there is no Blogger access where I am now.

I always said that I missed the commute to work and judging by this morning I wasn't far wrong - having good music in your ears while reading a book is for a me a perfect start to the day. Falling in love with a couple of hotties on the way was a not-so-unexpected bonus.

Although I've listed a few already on Twitter, the things I'll miss from the past two years are: my twice-daily dose of Friends, my daily visit to QMT, making my own lunch, the ability to adapt (or in my case, abuse) a working day to visit the cinema or friends, tea-time, masses of holidays and, last but not least, having the company of my mum for the whole day.

But it is nice having a regular and fixed income and unlike in previous jobs I actually have to dress the part too, so it all feels like I'm growing up - perhaps this will have a more profound effect? Who knows... But despite my public moaning I am embracing this change for the better. Like most things in my life, work and career always seem to pan out for me - although thinking about it now, perhaps it's exactly the fact that I don't expect much from it that means I'm more accepting of and adapting to whatever situation I'm placed in? Hmm.


  1. I'm pretty sure you can email in blog posts and they will pop up on your blog.

    maybe you can take the viewing restrictions off now too.

  2. I can do that... but I don't like the idea of firing and forgetting blog posts. And also... perhaps I should use this as an excuse to do some work instead.

    I know the viewing restrictions are annoying and although it makes sense to leave them up while I'm still new anyway, if I'm truthful it actually feels a bit scary opening it up to strangers again. Weird or wot?