Friday, July 16

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The most wonderful thing about Inception is how it holds your hand throughout the whole film. This is a good thing since it does get quite hectic at times, deliberately leading you down blind alleys and twisty paths only to pull the carpet from under you. It's this manipulative relationship with the audience that allows Inception to totally play with it; quite ironically it's planting ideas in the minds of the viewers just as the characters are doing to others in the film.

And that's pretty much the main selling point of this film. Despite the acting (with Ellen Page suddenly becoming very fanciable), special effects and plot all being to a decent standard, they are all incidental to the mindgames being played. As long as you're aware of this connection you have with what's going on, then it's all very enjoyable and fun to play along; although I suspect many might overlook the depth this film has to offer.

Totally recommended, just make sure you concentrate if you decide to go watch it.

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