Friday, October 2

Film: Zibahkhana (Hell's Ground) Click for more info

As part of their current Redo Pakistan series of exhibitions and events, Other Asias hosted a screening of what they describe as Pakistan's first zombie movie. Now I'm pretty sure that this isn't actually the case but since I'd also never admit to knowing much about Pakistani cinema I'll take their word for it.

It was pretty standard fare, which for some reason made it all the more enjoyable and impressive. We were presented with a bunch of delinquent youths (who collectively lied to their parents and got stoned; you know the usual) who get lost on the way to a pop concert (where else?) only to be found by a bunch of zombies. Oh and a murderous psycho in a burka. We're not sure whether he was a zombie also (I don't think he was). Heck we're not sure whether he was a he at all (I think he was).

So we have cheap dialogue (although I did laugh out loud when an aunty character asked whether one of the girls was married yet), cheap makeup and cheap acting all of which add up to a pretty decent, albeit hammy, production. I found the whole thing to be deliciously shallow, although it was explained to me afterwards how it was actually a commentary on particular class issues currently being seen over in Pakistan. I obviously missed out on its hidden depths.

Either way I thought it was quite fun. Recommended, especially if you get to watch it under an intimate (and possibly creepy) railway arch like we did.

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