Thursday, October 8

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The 10 Hottest Muslim Women

First let me thank Mash for the link. Mash sent me this link a few weeks ago, but I've been sitting on it for a while. I told Mash that I would credit him once I got around to posting it here though.

To be fair it's not a very good list both in presentation or content. Some of them are definite eyebrow raisers (in terms of bizarreness rather than anything else), and the fact that they posted a picture of Naomi Campbell instead of Iman kinda says a lot about how quality this list is. Still, there are some surprises: I had no idea Eve was a Muslim for instance. Otherwise the only entries of interest are Fawzia Mohamed (at 5), Yasmeen Ghauri (at 4) and Noureen Dewulf (at 2). My personal pick from the list is Queen Rania (at numero uno), but it's pretty slim pickings all round.

Actually the fact that they seem to have missed out anyone from the Indian subcontinent (Katrina Kaif? Hello?) shows how blinkered and misguided the list is. Perhaps next time they should concentrate more on the respective lifestyles of these women instead of how exotic their name sounds? Give me The 10 Hottest Practising Muslim Women (something like this maybe? Thanks to Mash for that link too) over this tripe any day.

Oh and thanks to Mash for the link. I can honestly say that I would not have seen this link if Mash hadn't sent me it.