Wednesday, October 7

Vindicated by Esquire! Click for more info

Once again my awesome taste in women is vindicated by a leading gents mag; this time as Esquire announces Kate Beckinsale as the Sexiest Woman Alive (well in 2009 anyway). For those of you not keeping track, I called her almost three years ago. In some ways her making my list was a precursor to all she's achieved since.

A similar thing happened with Kristin Davis, and it's nice to have my taste in women confirmed like that. So yes, remember ladies: make into Shak's Choice and perhaps you'll be topping charts too. You know you all want to.


  1. called her before you

  2. Kate is so hot I can but only applaud your good taste and watchful eye sir.

  3. it's amazing what a differnece hair makes eh. Have you seen her in Shooting Fish with that bob cut.. not good.

  4. It's amazing what a difference Hollywoodification makes. I've yet to see them, but apparently she had some really bad teeth before she moved there. And at 36 (I think) she's not looked better in my opinion.

    Lots of people complain about the affect of Hollywood/celebrity on women but I love it in certain cases (like this one). But then again I am a shallow bastard...

  5. It's not just hollywood, have you seen Cristiano Ronaldo before he got the dentists and stylists in?

    man that's crazy. Imagine how we'd look if we had a spare 10 or 20K to spare on that kinda crap.

    Beckinsale isn't quite as drastic.

  6. Anonymous21:02

    Some of the befores and afters are unbelievable - I figure make up and surgery have transformed many of the best looking celebrities into what we see on tv. That said, Kate Beckinsale is gorgeous. I had no idea she was 36? Wow!

  7. Anonymous06:34

    I'm going to have a similar post about an year from now when they make Shoaib Malik Cricketer-of-the-Millenium

  8. Oh Shak :( And I thought you were different. Special even. A crying shame.

    And I would add the rest of your comment, but I'm sure its not Kate Beckinsale's speaking prowess that has you besotted, and the real reason would be vahiyaat.

  9. I can't believe you hunted this down to make a point.

    I'm not sure why falling for smooth yet cheap and substance-less words are any less vahiyaat than lusting after physical beauty is. If anything it's worse as girls worldwide choose to give up their modesty for so little. I guess the difference is that I know exactly what the value of the latter (ie not much), my concern is over how some think what Edward says is anything but a fancy pick up line.

    And anyway, I know I'm a perv. Would those who lust after Edward admit to being easily led and naive? I don't think so... Although I guess you did say that it was all about oestrogen so maybe you aren't like the others after all?