Sunday, October 11

Zainab and Mobashir

I like how everyone is different. It's our differences that what makes us interesting and so if we were all the same things would get very boring, fast.

That said, I do wish that there were more women around like Zainab. She seems to come from a time when acting like a woman (you know: polite, understanding, tolerant, giving and patient) wasn't something to be ashamed of or a sign of weakness. It seems that these qualities have no place in this day and age, so it's always refreshing to see them in a person.

But her rare qualities were reflected in the tough time she was having finding a guy worthy enough to receive them. None seemed willing to give back, but worse than that never seemed to appreciate the girl they were interviewing for who she was. But instead of giving in and changing herself, she kept her patience. And you know what? That patience paid off eventually. In spades.

I've not met Mobashir myself, but from what I hear he's pretty perfect and that not in a sleazy dishonest way. But aside from mutual personalities the match up seems pretty spot on, them coming from the same part of the world even though they'll be making their home elsewhere (where they get to walk on beaches of all things. Jeez). I suspect that it's a coupling single people won't help but aspire to.

I'll say it again; if there were more women around like Zainab, particularly in London or even the UK, I'd be snapping one up straight away (provided she'd have me, of course). Damn Atlantic Ocean and all that.

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