Tuesday, September 29

Arsenal Vs Olympiakos

I didn't hesitate to accept my friend's offer of going to watch tonight's Champions League match up. I've always been in awe of The Emirates stadium, and a European game was just the excuse I needed to visit it. Of course, not being a fan of either team meant I would either enjoy the match more as a neutral party, or not since I didn't care who won. If it was anything like the last match I went to see then I'd be happy.

It wasn't. The final score of 2-0 to the home side was well appreciated, although both goals happened on the opposite end of the pitch to where we were seated. We were close to the action otherwise, being in row 5, amongst some pretty rowdy, but hilariously so, fans. I must admit that the Chelsea lot seemed more lively; I'm wondering if that was a Euro/Premiership difference or maybe just because it was a Tuesday night.

Although I had a good time, I'm still left wondering what the big deal about live football is. It baffles most football fans when I say this, but I just find live cricket much more exciting - more happens and there is, well, progress. Unless it rains of course. Perhaps it's because I've only ever watched international cricket matches?

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