Friday, September 4

Two Thousand

So even though I thought I was on top of it, it seems that I totally missed acknowledging my two thousandth post. To be honest I thought it would have happened after my blog's birthday rather than before so maybe that's why I was oblivious to it. As for its content, well I couldn't have picked a more worthy topic than my ode to Edmonton.

It having just been the fifth year too means I've been posting an average of 400 a year. That of course is heavily skewed due to the lack of activity over the past 18 months or so (I won't bother apologising again) which is a pretty healthy amount I suppose. I wonder how many words and stuff I've used?

Anyone who replied "too many" gets a cyberslap from me.


  1. damn and I haven't even hit 1000 yet

  2. Anonymous11:21

    thats more than one post everyday for five years!