Tuesday, September 15

Fall Season 2009

After what seems like the fastest Summer ever, television is back. Funnily enough I've not missed it as much as I thought I would: apart from playing catch up on the shows I didn't have the time to watch as they aired, I finally got around to consuming the four seasons which made up the widely acclaimed (well, by geeks anyway) Battlestar Galactica. I never really liked it the first time around, but the fact that it was such a short series (one which was accessible thanks to a friend's full-season box-sets) convinced me to give it another go. And it wasn't too bad to be honest; a good time pass at the most. The plot left a lot to be desired and got a bit crap towards the end but there was enough ticking over to keep me going till television proper returned.

One Tree Hill season 7 was the first to premiere yesterday and although I've yet to watch it I can't imagine it being any good without the lovely Peyton (and I suppose to a lesser extent Lucas). As such I don't think it'll last past season break and I'm willing to see it out till then at least.

Other favourites returning include the dependable awesomeness of House season 6 and 24 season 8 (the latter resuming some kind of decent schedule now that we're two years out of the Writers' Strike of 2008). I've yet to find a confirmation for the return of Little Mosque, but I have both my fingers and toes crossed since it's such a good sitcom. Of course there'll be Peter and crew of Family Guy season 8 (I think) to watch if it doesn't.

My wish to watch less television seems to be panning out; so far the only new show I'm planning to watch is the sitcomification of 1999's(!) 10 Things I Hate About You. On the contrary Prison Break and ER both ended last year, with the pretty-but-yawnful 90210 dropping by the wayside too. This year, Lost season 6 will be its last and of all my shows I think I'm looking forward to that the most. Smallville is also promising (again) to end this year with its season 9, a good 7 seasons past its sell by date. Please producers lay this show to rest; or at least tell me now if you're going to carry on past this year so I can stop watching now.

Talking of shows that shouldn't be running, Heroes season 4, a show which truly is rubbish, will be watched in considerable pain and contempt and with a sincere hope that it will just curl up and die. Dollhouse season 2 returns after some pretty bad feedback (including mine); but hopefully Joss will have turned things around, returning to the form which brought us Buffy, Angel and Firefly.

So all in all a solid, if not hugely exciting line up to take us into the next decade. Happy watching!