Tuesday, September 15

Fall Season 2009

After what seems like the fastest Summer ever, television is back. Funnily enough I've not missed it as much as I thought I would: apart from playing catch up on the shows I didn't have the time to watch as they aired, I finally got around to consuming the four seasons which made up the widely acclaimed (well, by geeks anyway) Battlestar Galactica. I never really liked it the first time around, but the fact that it was such a short series (one which was accessible thanks to a friend's full-season box-sets) convinced me to give it another go. And it wasn't too bad to be honest; a good time pass at the most. The plot left a lot to be desired and got a bit crap towards the end but there was enough ticking over to keep me going till television proper returned.

One Tree Hill season 7 was the first to premiere yesterday and although I've yet to watch it I can't imagine it being any good without the lovely Peyton (and I suppose to a lesser extent Lucas). As such I don't think it'll last past season break and I'm willing to see it out till then at least.

Other favourites returning include the dependable awesomeness of House season 6 and 24 season 8 (the latter resuming some kind of decent schedule now that we're two years out of the Writers' Strike of 2008). I've yet to find a confirmation for the return of Little Mosque, but I have both my fingers and toes crossed since it's such a good sitcom. Of course there'll be Peter and crew of Family Guy season 8 (I think) to watch if it doesn't.

My wish to watch less television seems to be panning out; so far the only new show I'm planning to watch is the sitcomification of 1999's(!) 10 Things I Hate About You. On the contrary Prison Break and ER both ended last year, with the pretty-but-yawnful 90210 dropping by the wayside too. This year, Lost season 6 will be its last and of all my shows I think I'm looking forward to that the most. Smallville is also promising (again) to end this year with its season 9, a good 7 seasons past its sell by date. Please producers lay this show to rest; or at least tell me now if you're going to carry on past this year so I can stop watching now.

Talking of shows that shouldn't be running, Heroes season 4, a show which truly is rubbish, will be watched in considerable pain and contempt and with a sincere hope that it will just curl up and die. Dollhouse season 2 returns after some pretty bad feedback (including mine); but hopefully Joss will have turned things around, returning to the form which brought us Buffy, Angel and Firefly.

So all in all a solid, if not hugely exciting line up to take us into the next decade. Happy watching!


  1. PrincessPinkMoon13:22

    on the note of buffy and angel, can you believe i read an article the other day that claimed twilight made the vampire genre the best thing ever!

    the vampire diaries coming out and people thinking it ripped off twilight, even though the books were out long before the twilight saga.

    we all know the cullens are no match for angel, spike and dru!

  2. after the high-brow of one tree hill, buffy and angel, something as ridiculously low-brow as bsg just doesn't stand a chance...


  3. PrincessPinkMoon,

    Marry me.


    I'm guessing you've assembled the geeks and that the cyber-protest against my blog has already begun... *parp*.

  4. Buffy was so fricking awesome I miss it still but I'm glad it didn't carry on into utter mediocrity.

    btw If a show is crap (Heroes) why do you persist in watching it? I actually made it through the first season and thought it was garbage so never bothered with it again. I'm actually amazed it's managed four seasons! WOW! Though I guess when you're stealing everything from Marvel and DC you could carry on forever (god forbid).

    I wish someone would just make a proper X-Men (or justice league) TV show! But they'd probably make me hate everything I love about comics.

  5. and btw Little Mosque Season 4 premieres on September 28th according to the official site.


    I'm making my way through Season 2 online at the moment.

  6. surely the only season to watch is the last so you know how it all ends? (The brilliant The Wire excepted of course.)

  7. Mash,

    I watch partly 'cos everyone else is but mainly due to the sunken cost. Take Smallville. It's cack, but I've seen so much of it already that I have to see it through otherwise that would have been an even bigger waste. Yeh, I'm lame. Oh and thanks for the Little Mosque tip.

    Big O,

    I'm convinced that the only reason people say The Wire is good is to convince everyone else to make the same mistake they did.

  8. The Wire is the best TV show of the last 10 years.

    In fairness it's the only show I've watched all the way through in the last 10years.

    Brilliant though

  9. Guys..you're missing the point. Ugly Betty is the way to go. :D

  10. Rani,

    The love of shows like Ugly Betty and SATC demonstrate exactly what's wrong with the womenfolk nowadays. Only you guys can watch and enjoy something which totally demeans and undermines your own selves. Tut.

  11. Mash,

    That's the other thing. People who love The Wire are not drama watchers either so really don't know any better.

  12. Hmmm, I disagree Shak. I wouldn’t say I’m the expert on modern US dramas, but I do think that the premise of Ugly Betty is based upon combating the stereotypical notion of how women should be/behave/etc. Taking this image and exaggerating it to make the point where it’s hilariously so. That’s the way I see it anyway. It’s also on a completely different wavelength to SATC, which may be guilty of your sweeping generalizations :0)

  13. That's the pitch, yes: "If Betty can be ugly and be successful, then so can you!. It's fashionable to be normal! We're talking to YOU!".

    Except the cast of UB are not ugly and they're certainly not normal. It's quite patronising actually.

  14. THE GEEK BRIGADE DECLARES WAR! Btw, you were always a bigger geek than me!

  15. Rohit,

    You knows it, bitch.

  16. FasC01:06

    Please stop watching Smallville, its utter crud.

    There's loads of good stuff:
    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    The Shield

    Ok, technically the last 2 have finished but they're some of the best US TV since Lost.