Thursday, September 17

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Can you name the Countries of the World

Does what it says on the tin: enter country names in the box at the top and it'll automatically place them on the map below. Easy peasy. Except you only have 15 minutes.

Although I did well in Europe, Asia and the Middle and Far East, I'm ashamed to say that I totally failed in Africa and South America. Once your time is up you're mercifully told which you've missed (facepalm guaranteed). I missed at least 30 that I had heard of.

So have a go and let me know how you did. If you get over 91 then I know you've cheated.

Thanks to Steve for the link.


  1. My result:

    You got 97 out of 195 Countries of the World

    Palestine isn't on it.

  2. Mash - Type soon to be israel.. With the amount of land theft they doing, it should work

  3. Mash,

    I noticed that too. A shame really.

  4. I checked for Palestine too :(.

  5. I played this a couple of weeks back and didn't do as well as I had expected. Oh, but try as well if you haven't.