Sunday, June 14

Woburn Safari Park Click for more info

Man, I can't even remember the last time I visited Woburn. This was the safari park of the 80s, the place where the more initiated parents took their kids instead of the zoo. Personally I prefer the latter since you're able to go at your own pace instead of waiting in a line of cars each spending five minutes in the only prime position to see a lion sleeping from miles away. But still it's a different experience, one we only really participated in as we were going to visit the on site Go Ape anyway.

So yes, there were elephants and tigers and lions and monkeys. The weather was fine and we got to see most of the animals laze about in the sun. Thinking back, I don't recall there being much of a variety both on the car safari and the by-foot leisure part. Facilities wise, Woburn is pretty cool and clean and a nice way to spend a lazy weekend day chilling out and picnicking, but overall I don't think it would have offered much value for the 17 odd quid normal price, but luckily we got a reduced fare based on our Go Ape tickets.

Still, it was worth it just to remember the good times: you know, when we used to do these kind of things with family instead of friends.

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