Wednesday, June 3

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It goes without saying that the first two Terminator movies were classics. Then came the third, which seemed to have been universally panned for, amongst other thing, not giving the franchise enough respect. This kind of set up this, the fourth film in the series, as a bit of a make or break - will it compensate for T3's shortcomings or end The Terminator as an ongoing concern?

Well it's probably safe to say that, no, Salvation isn't as good as T1 or T2. However unlike T3, it is a good film in its own right and manages to pay good homage to the Terminator universe and overall isn't as much a let down as that last one.

The story is shallow and possibly nonsensical, but the acting is of a good enough standard. The biggest problem I had was in the film's structure, with its heavy beginning and end but a noticeably absent middle. However where Salvation shines though is in its direction and imagery - once you get past the special effects and magic you do actually find yourself in a post-Judgement Day hell. Oh, and the action scenes are pretty sweet too.

So yes, a heartily recommendation from me, with it's only curse being it had a lot to live up to, what with previous instalments in its series. If that can be forgiven, well then I think most will enjoy this.

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  1. A Terminator review with no mention of Bale's performance?...the brain cannot shuts down temporarily...