Tuesday, June 2

Film: Drag Me to Hell Click for more info

I adored the Evil Dead trilogy. They each bizarrely managed to mix some pretty creepy and non-shallow horror with fun, fantasy and accessibility. In many ways the films held your hand while scaring you and it gave them all a charm that hasn't been replicated in recent times. Until now, of course, as Sam Raimi goes back to doing what I think he does best.

So Drag Me to Hell is funny and scary at the same time, it's accessible enough for everyone to follow and certainly doesn't bore at any point. The plot is pretty thin, with the film relying on it only to prop up the zany hilarious-cum-frightening set-pieces, but otherwise it's pretty solid production-wise too (and I fast became a fan of Alison Lohman too).

So yeh, I liked it. The film dragged me back to early memories, a time when it was fun to be scared rather than a chore. I totally recommend this for fans and non-fans of the genre alike.

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