Sunday, June 14

Film: The Hangover Click for more info

I was pleasantly surprised by this film about what could go wrong when you have a bit too much to drink at a bachelor party. The whole film is based around a bunch of the party goers waking up with no memory of what happened the night before, and then spending what little time they have before the wedding to piece it all together.

If that sounds shallow it's probably because it was. I can only describe this film as a series of random and largely irrelevant set pieces, most funny but some not as much. The mystery of What Actually Happened last night is supposed to be what drives the film forward, but by the end of it it's the pure nonsense that end up being The Hangover's main asset - that and the surprisingly complex, interesting and complimentary characters doing the sleuthing.

A nice easy going out film that doesn't demand much from its audience, I'd even go as far as giving this a recommendation.

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