Wednesday, June 24

Film: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Click for more info


Actually the biggest surprise with this film was realising that it's been a whopping two years since the last one came out. Two years! Feels like yesterday.

And not much progress seems to have been made in those two years. We have the same battle scenes involving larger-than-houses-robots, the same "it's not quite how I remember it to be, but it's cool anyway" feeling at the back of your mind and the same weak script, crappy acting and inconstant plot (even more so in fact: why we're forced to attend to the lives of so many puny humans in a film about robots I'll never understand). Except this time, after the initial awe of seeing Robots in Disguise, it didn't quite wash.

Which is strange, since I usually don't mind "more of the same". I guess Revenge of the Fallen is different since the poignancy that the first film relied on so heavily had all been used up - the sequel had to offer something more than awesome action scenes but didn't and I was left feeling a bit frustrated with the whole thing. That it lasted around two and a half hours didn't help either. It's all about as disappointing as finding out that a hottie has toe thumbs.

That said it is worth a watch anyway, if only for the transforming robots and not-so-accurate fanservice. Just fast forward past the bits in the middle and you'll be fine.

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