Sunday, June 15

Food: Lahore Kebab House Click for more info

I remember when this place was a small take-away with just a family room available upstairs. The now sprawling two floor establishment, with 350 covers, is a testament to how good the place is.

I'm not sure how true their claim of being one of only a few restaurants that serve authentic Pakistani food, but whatever the case they do serve up some brilliant nosh - on our table there was dhal, haleem and kebabs, all so good I found it difficult to stop.

Decor is nice and clean and service was relatively good considering the place. I would say that, being a bit too popular, it does feel like a bit of a marketplace, but once you get your orders in the food did come pretty quickly.

Costing around a tenner a head Lahore isn't the cheapest place to eat this kind of food. But for the quality and cleanliness it's very good value and so takes a place amongst my list of places to go a bit more regularly.

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